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between subtle shading and the absence of light lies the nuance of iqlusion

Lingua-French and Ethiopian

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    This is the Ethiopian Transcript, but no translation has been provided yet.

    This is the Ethiopian transcript, but transcribed in a legible format for westerners.

  • Notice how the name "SOLOMON" appears 3 times. I believe that this, accompanied with the fact that the date "982 BC" is the fourth year of King Solomon's rule, should make us look at literary, historical, and artistic documents from that time period. Another clue to this is the fact that the other passages on the lingua statue all refer to "meetings" of some sort, which is logical, as it is a statue in a "Convention Center". I believe another clue to this passage is the fact that the passage is speckled with question mark symbols. Not single question mark symbols, but double question mark symbols (those are the three vertical dots). There is a passage in the bible of a visit that the Queen of Sheba paid to King Solomon in Israel (specifically Jerusalem) at which point she came "to prove him with hard questions" 1 Kings 10, 1-13

    This hyperlink is the Ethiopian Transcript hosted on Elonka's website.

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