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Help: Uploading Images

Okay, so you've got a big batch of image files on your computer, and you want to do whatever magic is necessary to get them into these fun thumbnail formats on the Yak page. How do you get there from here? Read on...

  • Step #1: You need to have a login account. If you don't have one, check with one of the Yaks, or with Elonka.

  • Step #2: Login

  • Step #3: Click on the link at the bottom of the page that says "Create Page".

  • Step #4: Give your page an appropriate title. This can be changed later, but may be important in terms of how the page is sorted, so try to pick something meaningful.

  • Step #5: Type stuff. Check Editing Rules if you want help with formatting.

    Now for the fun stuff, loading the images. There are a couple different ways of doing this.

    One is to click on the link at the bottom of the page that says "Attach", which will let you browse and upload a file in the usual format.

    Another is to do a batch upload. Information on how to do that via a shell script is at For reference, here's syntax:

    curl -F filestuff=@/tmp/mypicture.jpg

    So for example, if Elonka was uploading a file named kryptos17.bmp from her computer to page 48 in this database (and if it was a Unix machine, and if it had curl loaded on it), she'd use:

    curl -F filestuff=@/kryptos17.bmp

    There's also a rumor that FTP will work, by connecting via Anonymous Login to -- Sorry, the rumor is wrong, but it is something I'd like to add -- Strick 2005-01-29

    Once all the images are uploaded and attached to the page, you can then format them into what's called "Gallery View".

    [Window width:   400   640   *800*   1024   1200   1600   ]
    [Image size:   XS   Small   Medium   *Large*   ]

    Togo / C
    Togo / Ies
    C / Ies
    C / Togo
    Ies / C
    Nevozmozhno / Togo
    Nevozmozhno / Ies

    The code to do the above looks like this:

    /imagefile 19+Togo1.jpg
    Togo / C
    /imagefile 19+Togo2.jpg
    Togo / Ies
    /imagefile 19+C1.jpg
    C / Ies
    /imagefile 19+C2.jpg
    C / Togo
    /imagefile 19+Ies.jpg
    Ies / C
    /imagefile 19+Nevozmozhno2.jpg
    Nevozmozhno / Togo
    /imagefile 19+Nevozmozhno1.jpg
    Nevozmozhno / Ies

    And that should do it! If you learn any other neat tips or tricks, feel free to add them to this Help file. Or if you get stuck, ask Elonka or one of the other Yaks for help. :)

    Help file created: January 28, 2005

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