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Help: Quickstart Guide

Welcome to the Kryptos wiki, courtesy of the wonderful folks at

New to wikis? No problem. A wiki (pronounced wick-ee) is a type of collaborative database on the web, where lots of different people can all participate in modifying the same webpages.

Modifying pages is easy:

  • Step #1: You need to have a login account. If you don't have one, check with one of the Yaks, or with Elonka. (hint: Use your own name, and the same password as the other Kryptos databases)

  • Step #2: Login by clicking on the "Login" link at the bottom of the page.

  • Step #3: Click on the link at the bottom of a page that says "Edit".

  • Step #4: Type stuff. Check Editing Rules if you want help with formatting. Don't worry about making a mistake, since one of the beauties of a wiki, is that any page can be easily rolled back to an earlier version, or corrected later by someone else.

  • Step #5: Click "Save".

    And that should do it! If you learn any other neat tips or tricks, feel free to add them to this Help file. Or if you get stuck, ask Elonka or one of the other Yaks for help. :)

    Help file created: October 22, 2005

  • Quickstart Guide
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