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between subtle shading and the absence of light lies the nuance of iqlusion

Section Four Attempts

(this information is in the process of being copied over from the Prestemon Wiki, please forgive its trespasses)

This page lists attempts which have been made to crack Section 4, to avoid pointless repetition and to trigger new thoughts for investigation. It is organised by the process posited as the ENCRYPTION method - where there are multiple steps involved, the DECRYPTION method will be the reverse of this.

Note: Transposition by itself does not appear to be worth considering, given the completely un-languagelike letter frequencies

The following Yahoo Kryptos group archived attempts have been added thus far:

  • 1-100 Complete.

  • 101-257 Complete.

  • 258-300 Chris Speidel/d1stancerunner20 *in progress*

    Cryptographic Methods To Try (or that have been tried)

  • Monoalphabetic Substitution Systems

  • One to Two (or more) Substitution Systems

  • Periodic Polyalphabetic Systems (includes Vigenere Quagmire Variations)

  • Non-Periodic Polyalphabetic Systems

  • Polyalphabetic Systems plus Transposition

  • Transposition plus Monoalphabetic substitution

  • Transposition plus Polyalphabetic substitution

  • Polygraphic systems

  • Systems with intermediate alphabetic stage

  • Systems with intermediate numeric stage

  • Systems with intermediate morse code stage

  • Superencryption

  • Mechanical Systems

  • Non-English Plaintext

  • Bitwise Manipulation

    Sanborn Styles

    Cryptographic Methods and keywords used on other sculptures

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